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Vintage Surf meet 2018 coming soon !
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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Revolver returns

You have probably noticed that vintage surf shops in this country are rare bordering on the non-existant. So I was happy to hear that the Revolver shop in Newquay was being resurrected by board collector and past blog contributor Gee Piper.
Gee says - 'At present I'm selling vintage surf photography by Dick Hoole along with vintage film posters and memorabilia. Vintage boards, clothes, magazines and skateboards. Second hand records, videos, headphones and other collectables. New boards by Revolver and Jepun. New clothes by Lightning Bolt, Innermost limits of pure fun, Afends and Ambiguous. Swichfoot II books plus loads of other stuff. Trying to make it like an Aladdin's cave.'
Sounds good mate, hopefully everyone will go and have a look, grab some original classic buys and above all support small independant shops like this.

Gee has some very nice Dick Hoole prints of Michael Peterson-
'These are amongst the last items that MP signed before he passed away. You will never be able to get another of these so this is reflected in the price. The prints will come with a letter of authenticity from Dick Hoole when i track him down. My source in Aus tells me these are among the few MP signed items available on the open market so very rare. Because of this I am going to release 2, one of each print at a price of £750. Anybody interested should email me at
I also have other original Dick Hoole prints of MP. Copies signed by Dick are £175 unframed and £250 framed as well as unsigned prints at £75 unframed.'

Talking of Michael Peterson check out this beauty he shaped under Warren Cornish's label in Byron Bay. It now resides near London in Ed's collection.
Ed says of the board's history - 'One of my boards was shaped by MP back in 1973 for a dude named Warren Cornish. It's a 7ft 4inch pintail, beautiful colours and pin-lines. Cornish still has it's twin. Apparently Michael shaped them for him to ride in a couple of contests back then.'

To the comment about this board not actually being shaped by MP or a fake MP Ed naturally has strong views-
I reckon it's best just to go by whats on the board. The other thing is Cornish was already an established business man by then as he had mad a fortune out of the skateboard craze so I cannot see him bothered forging a couple of boards, on the other hand peterson would have been real keen to shape them for the money. This board and the one Cornish has were made in 1973 and like I said Michael wasn't all that famous then anyway, he wasn't a BK or Nat Young.

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  1. Be careful guys with this board and it's history. My version of events is that Cornish had these boards shaped by AN.Other and decals made and added to cash in on MP's name and fame.

    Either way, they are great boards with history and at the very least a clear association with the legend that is MP. I have one very similar but by the photos, yours is in better condition.

    What else is in your collection??