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Vintage Surf meet 2018 coming soon !
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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Pure Juice singlefin by Phil Jay

Phil Jay had a successful career making and selling boards in the late 60s and early 70s, starting with stringerless wide singlefins under the Phil Jay label , and Country surfboards in the early 70s , most of which were made made in Devon and sold there or in his Wandsworth surf shop see above, which also stocked some pretty nice imported boards by Bing, Weber etc. In the mid /late 70s he was producing the 'Easy rider' popout singlefins which were cheap and sold well.
This Pure Juice singlefin is also by Phil and is a rare label , much less common than his other labels - which aren't that common either ! Paul bought the board recently and found out a bit of history from the original owner -
'Here's the Phil Jay,Pure Juice, measuring 7'8"x22"x3". As you said ,quite a rare board,I can find no information,this one comes with quite a nice story from the boards' original owner Paul Baker. Paul started surfing in the late 60 s at Withernsea beach, Scarborough, this is his second board. He met Phil Jay in Barnstable around 1972-73and was measured and weighed by Phil before shaping started,Paul said that he was a big lad and weighed in at 18 stone, he was 23 yrs old in 1972. Around this time 72-75 Paul met Tim Heyland and in 75 Paul worked for Tim delivering boards. Paul surfed in the English national championships, and was knocked out in the first round,he wasnt sure of the year.He was responsible for starting the east coast surf competition, in which Tim competed ,after the competition Paul,Tim and others went to the pub where Tim placed his jacket over a light setting fire to it !'

Check out the thickness of the stringer ! Strong enough to take an 18 stone lad.

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  1. I got my first board ( a blue swallow tail) from this shop which us usual had a sign in the window saying " Gone skating- Wandsworth roundabout"