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Above photo - copyright Rennie Ellis photographer archive

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Board for sale

Heavy glassed, 70s single fin pin tail shaped by a legendary shaper: Nigel Perrow, from Byron Bay. Ready to ride or hang. Dimensions: 6ft 8 x 20.5 x 3.5 (approx), a fun board true to the era.
The heavy glass job and dense blank make it scream down the line!! :) Bar Nature and SanJuan are the boards to have from Byron due to the underground mystique.
The shaper Nigel Perrow was an awesome surfer. He used to do standing back flips on the beach before paddling out. He owns Laguna Bay Surfboards in Noosa nowadays. A rare board so serious offers to five.rountrees@btinternet.com , the board is in London.

Wanted - does anyone in the UK have a Cheyne Horan star fin they want to sell ? - either original or modern, in good condition. email alasdairlindsay@aol.com


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  2. How much are you selling this for?