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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Neptune's Revenge

Here's a fruity number I picked up recently, made under the mysterious logo of Neptune's Revenge. It took me about ten minutes to read what the logo said, and then found out it was made in the Witterings area of Sussex by Paul Gabriel, probably in the very late 80s. Its got some unusual features of the era, including large rail channels on the deck, a step deck, the classic carbon stringers, and a nice Captain America artwork on the underside. It measures 7ftx 19 1/4x 2 1/2.
I wondered if the rail channels might be for grip but apparently they're for rail strength. The step deck is a pretty major cut out of volume in thickness in the tail area. I guess its the old idea of having volume and float forwards in the board while having good feel and manouverability in the tail - a bit like stingers but done with thickness not width. It looks like it would feel a bit wierd when surfing , with your front foot uphill; mabye that's why they didn't catch on.
I like the Captain America, done by Ben Ballister who the board was made for.


  1. hi,glad you own one of my old boards made in late 1994 to ben an american student studying art at the time,all your statements regarding status of board correct,i still ride a 6ft1 stepdeck.ideal for the gutless waves here and especially if your abit heavy but stillwant to ride a shortboard,im nearing 46 and carry abit of timber around the waist now.still own the shop but gave up shaping quite a while ago got ill due to resin and advent of chinese board just not worth killing myself for.all the best pauly

  2. hi Paul good to hear from you, and its cool to read more about the board. I may be passing this board on to the collection of the Surfing Museum in Braunton, who are looking to find a board from every UK label. Mabye one day you will see it there ! cheers Al

  3. Hi guys, I still have my 6'10'' Neptunes Revenge board. Can't actually remember when Pauly made it but it was the early-mid 90's I think! Also has a step deck and it has shark designs on it that I drew out. It's got a few dings in it so I need to get them sorted before I put it back in the water. Anyhow, I haven't surfed for years now but am about to take it up again. Living in Mallorca now, but waves are not so good here. Have just found a great spot though, so here's hoping.
    cheers Miranda

  4. that brings back some memeries from the late 80s

  5. I lived in Kingston at the time wittering was my winter surf break I remember paul very well im shore ive got one of his tshirts some were. he was going out with a very pretty French girl that's going back some years now from newquay phill dude

  6. Is that the fella who runs the Cheap Surf shop off the B2179 from Birdham ? Always worth a rummage there ...