Vintage Surf meet 2018 coming soon !

Vintage Surf meet 2018 coming soon !
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Saturday, 29 January 2011

Ocean Magic team board by Mooney McAllum

Sean saw this board in Newquay the other day and sent in some photos -
A rare Ocean Magic 'Team' board shaped by Pete Mcallum . This was shaped in the period pre Nigel Semmens ownership . Channeled bottom , swallow tail , 5"7" x 21" x thick . Twin Fin .Un- numbered . Probably dates from 1979 or 80 and is similar to the short, wide swallow tailed boards Nigel was riding at the time. Its rare to see a 'team ' board like this, who it was made for I don't know - Nigel , Steve Daniel, or one of the numerous young Newquay surfers who were sponsered by Ocean Magic in the early 80s. A cool board, thanks Sean.

N S and Steve Daniel in Oz for the Stubbies 1980, photo by Alex

Here's an O M ad from way back , 1973 to be precise , from Surf Insight no 4 .Which is confusing as I've read an interview with Pete McAllum where he says he started OM in '76 .


  1. Hi there,
    can you tell me if this is the same pete mcallum who used to train the swimming squad in carn brae in cornwall?my folks bought a board from him for me in the late 70, email is also is he still in uk?Thanks,Dave edgington.

  2. hi yes it sounds like the same Pete.His early ocean magics in redruth.

  3. Yes it is! I'm his grand daughter. Sadly he died of bowel cancer at home in New Zealand in 1997.

  4. Thanks for getting in touch, sorry to hear he passed away. Do you have any old photyos from his boardmaking days I could put on the blog ? Out of interest when did he leave the UK to return to new zealand ? thanks Al