Vintage Surf meet 2018 coming soon !

Vintage Surf meet 2018 coming soon !
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Friday, 24 September 2010

Tigger Newling singlefin

We haven't had anything from Tigger for a while so here's a singlefin under his Tig surfboards label from the early 70s. Tigger's home patch was around the Constantine area and he started shaping around age 17, and had a factory at the St Merryn airfield for a while. He won the British title in big waves at Freshwater West in '75 and off the back of that got an invite to the Smirnoff in Hawaii the same year. It was at 12 -15 ft Sunset and his heat was with BK, Rabbit, Hakman and Cairns - unsurprisingly he felt a little out of his depth ! Tigger now lives in Oz and runs a film production company. The board is in the Gul collection.

Tig at Porthleven in '76, photo by Geoff Tydeman. I always thought this photo looked not quite right, then I worked out that being a goofyfoot Tigger was taking this one switch stance - there's confidence for ya.

Pete Jones, Tigger and Bobby Male , 1976 Watergate open

Tigger on his home patch, photos by Alex Williams


  1. The Porthleven photo shows Tigger's unique "he's not gonna make it" style I think as I have seen quite a few photos of similar stance with arm up ...I'm sure he's riding it backhand/goofy foot

  2. You could be right - is he backhand or is he doing the switch pelvic thrust ?? Why not ask Tigger himself ?

  3. Backhand with unique ability - Tigger sent me some photos of him surfing the reef at Treyarnon. nobody else had his balls in Cornwall to this day