Vintage Surf meet 2018 coming soon !

Vintage Surf meet 2018 coming soon !
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Monday, 30 August 2010

a message from Kevin Cross

I emailed Kevin Cross in Australia a while back to ask him about Silverwings boards and also a bit of history of Creamed Honey, and here's what he said.....

Hi Al........Sorry it's taken a while for me to get back to you. I think your Vintage Surfboard site is great :) It's good to see an interest in the history of surfing in the UK. I certainly had a great time and great waves with good company during my stay in North Devon.

I can help you out with my history during that period. I never actually lived in Cornwall but did pass through there (and returned many times) on my way to North Devon. I did start work as a lifeguard at Woolacombe, and soon started making boards with John Hall, another Aussie travelling with me at the time ( KEJO surfboards ). At the end of that summer and through the winter (which nearly killed me), I started the Creamed Honey business at Braunton. John was then shaping for Tiki down the road. Bruce Palmer arrived that summer and started making his own boards. Bruce and I have been friends ever since, and helped each other out from time to time with materials when they were in short supply.

I continued making Creamed Honey Boards for a couple of years until my factory burnt down, a day before I was due to leave for France with a shipment of boards. Unfortunately, the boards where all in the factory and were lost. Not a good day!!!

After that, I set up a small factory in a shed at Pickwell Manor Farm for a season, and used my own name on the boards. At the end of that summer I returned to Aust and continued making a small number of boards. Around that time I was offered a job with ExxonMobil and decided to use that to supplement my income, I thought for about six months. That job opened many doors for me and I ended up working for XoM for thirty years (that's a bloody long time!!).

The Silver Wings boards were made in the Creamed Honey factory for the guy who had the surf shop at Watergate Bay. He was looking for a line of boards he could sell at a budget price. I'm not sure how many were made (not a lot) before I decided it did not fit well with my desire to make high quality boards. Having said that, as there were only a few made, I'm sure they will become very collectable... (-: His surf shop also stocked Creamed Honey Boards, in fact, the photo on your website of me in the circle of boards on the grass at Watergate Bay, was a delivery to his shop. Most of those boards were shaped by Richard Harvey.

I have never stopped surfing although have returned to riding Mini Mals and Mals that I started on when I was 16. I just love it :) My two older boys are living in Croyde. Nigel is a part owner on Surfing Croyde Bay. At last count, he had seventeen Creamed Honeys in his surf shop. At least one is as it came out of the factory, never had wax on it.....there is a story there!!!. Benn works at the Blue Groove Restaurant. In recent years, I have been able to meet the boys in Bali for some great surf sessions. All good (-:

Anyway, I hope the above is helpful.

Regards Kevin.

Great stuff thanks Kevin, good to hear you're still surfing

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