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Above photo - copyright Rennie Ellis photographer archive

Saturday, 19 September 2009

vintage Creamed Honey singlefin by Kevin Cross

Heres a rare Creamed Honey shaped by Kevin Cross in the early 70s in North Devon; Creamed Honey's are beautifully made boards and are well sought after today .This one belongs to Chris Jones and I saw it the other day on his rack of relics and just had to take a few shots. Cross was a visiting Australian lifeguard who settled here from the late 60s and shaped at Watergate bay and then up in North Devon, making refined and well finished boards. Didnt get the dimensions but its about 6'7. Thanks to Chris .


  1. At first, I thought this blog was about where to buy creamed honey, but it was a surfboarding blog after all What a coincidence! I loved watching surfboarding competitions live or televised.

  2. I had a 7' 2" Creamed Honey rounded pin in 1976[?]. Brand new it was about 49 pounds! I traded it for my first twin fin, made by Windjammer in Croyde