Vintage Surf meet 2019 coming soon !

Vintage Surf meet 2019 coming soon !
Free to take part
We buy interesting old boards 60s/70s/early 80s in good condition. Email . Also wanted - Surfing UK , British Surfer and Surf Insight magazines .
Above photo - copyright Rennie Ellis photographer archive

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Warwick bullet skateboard

These Warwick bullets were made in the UK in the late 60s, as an entry level board which undercut the more serious skateboards on the market . It also had a brake which helped the learner rider, but was not popular with experienced skaters.
In the mid 60s Bob Groves, and Bilbo had already imported real skateboards from the US - Hobies with laminated hardwood decks and proper cast metal trucks .Then Bilbo began to assemble them over here using US trucks and wheels , under the Hobie and Bilbo logos. These boards were only available in surf shops and were quite expensive.
The Warwicks were for sale in general sports shops across the country , and sold in their thousands. They had a plywood deck, inferior wheels and pressed metal sheet trucks. Many were also exported to Australia !
Finding a good condition Warwick now is hard but not impossible ; the Hobies and Bilbos are gold dust.
Thanks to Tony for some of this info.

Riding a Warwick, British Surfer no.1 mag, 1969.
Below- surfer and skater dude Prince Charles in the early 70s. He was a keen surfer while at uni in Wales and as he says of skateboards - ''I have got one of me own you know '' and ''If I'd known there were skateboards here I'd have brought my protective paraphernalia '' ! A classic piece of film.


  1. That is an awsome bit of footage!
    Is that your board Al?

  2. not my board . Its on ebay at the moment.

    1. And became the 'Surf Flyer' by the mid 70's . Identical board / graphics minus the the sketchy brake . Hope your all good Al - Sean .

    2. hi Sean good to hear from you. Yep all good here, we should meet up soon ! Have your girls been to the roller disco at Redruth yet ? Kitty loves it.

    3. Will do Al - I have just been given some 'Surfs Up' fanzines [including No. 1] which was a Kent based read that started in the late 80's . I will get them photographed and sent to you .

  3. Ha ha I found it last night and thought wow I found one then recognised the Lino from the pics! Lol

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