Vintage Surf meet 2019 coming soon !

Vintage Surf meet 2019 coming soon !
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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Sabre byTed Deerhurst

This is a Sabre thruster, early -mid 80s, designed by Ted Deerhurst and shaped by Paul Blacker. From Alex's collection. In the late 70s / early 80s Ted was doing a bit of shaping and board design under this and the Bolt logo. In the late 70s Ted , or Lord Ted as he was known, was Britain's most serious contender on the international surfing circuit. He was born Viscount Deerhurst, son of the Earl of Coventry, and waged a patriotic and brave campaign at contests at Sunset and Waimea, his career high coming when he reached the semis of the '78 Sunset Classic in 12 ft conditions. Ted's boards often had union jack, lion and excalibur graphics, and he even had a union jack wetsuit. Ted had great self belief in his ability to become world champion, which unfortunately he never achieved, but he made many friends and followers along the way. My last blog post about Ted had quite a few comments from people who remembered him fondly, mostly from the US, and one comment gave news of the birth of a new Ted Coventry on 2/10/10. A future surfer no doubt.
There are some good photos of Ted on the Wavejunkie site, taken in the late 70s for an Atlantic Surfer article - here

Ted on his Parrish Bolt, late 70s.

Below is one persons remimiscences of Ted , left on the blog last year.
I met Ted in 1991 while living in Santa Cruz, California. I believe we met upon my walking into his Excalibur surfshop on 41st avenue, a block or two away from where I lived at the time. Ted dropped by the house quite a bit, and for awhile he was parked outside our "crews" place in his camper-truck. Ted had depth, thought critically, and was a senstive soul plagued by some personal demons during the time I met him. He was starting to go back to school from what I recall, shaping boards, involved with teaching the handicapped to surf, and concerned about a woman his younger, who supposedly was in a relationship with an abusive significant other. From what I remember, that experience motivated him to contemplate law as profession.

Upon reading his obituary tonight, I was happy to hear that he actually was attending law school in Hawaii prior to his passing. He was a diligent man.

I was both surprised and sad when I heard of his death - I heard it from a friend during the late 90's.

At 41, close to the age Ted died, I am at home, restless, my wife is fast asleep, and I am on the internet reminiscing via looking at old surf videos and reflecting a bit. The reflecting made me think of Ted and do a little research about the "British Lion". As a tribute and in memory I would like to somehow get a print of the Atlantic Surfer Magazine shot of him. All relationships are significant to me, and I am thankful that Ted and I crossed paths during that time in my life. If anyone knows how to go about getting a print, that would be great. I have some pictures from that time that I would like to attach them to the back of the print and write out some personal reflections. You were a good man Ted. Rest in Peace.


  1. Ted shaped me a board, bearing the Lion/Union Jack logo, when he lived at Burleigh. Somewhere there's a pic, if I can find it, I'll try and post.
    The board went really well.
    He is missed.
    Clive Rodell

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